How it Works

So… what exactly is the journal?

The Steadfast & Sustained Journal is a practical book of pages to dive deeper into your faith and grow closer to God. Whether you’ve pursued the Lord for years, or are questioning how to do so, this journal is for you.

Each day consists of pages to pour out your thoughts, prayers, and dreams. These pages can be utilized in your own time or while taking notes in Church, listening to a podcast, or reading the Bible.


The Vision:

This journal is not simply a book of pages, but a place to pour out your heart and dreams. To bring all the failures or successes, ups or downs, and hardship or celebration to the one who loves you so deeply. The one who cares about what’s on your heart and is walking side by side with you every step of the way. The one who came down to Earth and died on the cross so we can have eternal life in the perfection of heaven someday. 

So get ready to use this as a space to learn, grow, be encouraged, and be challenged. I believe that there’s so much more for your life that can be pursued if you hand it over to God. If you truly partner with Him and invite Him in through each and every passing moment. I’m excited to hear the journey He takes you on throughout these pages. 


The Breakdown:

The journal starts with a few pages of questions to answer, and a place to write a prayer. Then, two pages are dedicated per day you pick up the journal. These can be used every single day, or whenever you feel the spark to dream, pray, or cry out to God. 

The left side has a place to write down Bible verses. Below that is a space to write your key takeaways, or what stood out to you, challenged you, applied to your own life.  


On the right page, there are a few questions to answer as the days progress, covering your dreams, worries, hopes, and so on. There is also a space to write additional thoughts or notes, and a prayer. 


The journal closes with an additional reflection. The goal is to understand better who Jesus is in your life, and in that, to have gained a deeper sense of peace, contentment, joy, and clarity.