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We aim to build an authentic, inspiring community to equip others with tools to grow in their relationship with God!

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Partnership opportunities

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Discount codes
  • Additional opportunities

Next Steps

If you are approved, here is what the process will look like next!

  1. Login to your account via Shopify to see your dashboard! This will show your discount code to earn 10% commission, and for your followers to receive 10% off. You will also be able to generate affiliate links to our website and individual products. The dashboard reveals sales analytics through your code/ links. 
  2. Create content and share your code/ links! Here are some ideas:
  3. Unboxing when you purchase new journals
  4. Sharing what you love about the journal, or how it has impacted you
  5. Giving an easy church notes or Bible study routine
  6. Tip: be consistent! Some videos are promoted better than others, and some platforms may work better. 

More Opportunities to Work with Us

  • Become an ambassador on our page! Receive discount codes & affiliate links
  • Feature products on an Amazon storefront
  • Collab via Tiktok Shop to add products directly to your videos

All are eligible to receive commission on sales :)

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