A product to grow and dive deeper into your faith, wherever you are in your journey.



          One day as the founder Kailee Elise was sitting at her desk, filling out an empty journal that became a valued possession, filled with prayers and bible verses, she realized this concept could be turned into an actual structured journal. After graduating high school a semester early and waiting for half a year to move to her dream state, Washington, this became a key activity in her everyday life. With many dreams on pause, she knew she had to find something to do with her time. 

          In-between filming YouTube videos, going to dance workout classes, and hanging out with her family, she began to listen to sermons on YouTube, read the Bible, and spend time with God. This season greatly shaped and grew her faith, and the journal she used to document what she was learning provided a vital component in doing so. She finally began to grasp His deep love for her right where she was, ceasing the anxiety. That He had her in this time for a reason.

          The thought of the journal company was pushed aside as she chased after many other dreams for a year and a half after moving out. But then, a business course lit a spark and she knew she had to run with it. Excited and determined, she began a long journey of research, trying, and failing. There were numerous victories and frustrations along the way, but the passion in her heart grew as she pushed forward. The dream that kept her going was that this journal could create a unique impact in people’s lives, including those right around her.   

          And so, after endless hours of working in moments free during flights, at coffee shops, or simply sitting at her desk, Steadfast and Sustained is officially birthed. 




          Kailee Elise is a 20-year-old entrepreneur, YouTuber, and blogger that is passionate about encouraging and inspiring her audience. She grew up in Texas and now resides in the beautiful state of Washington. The idea of this journal was birthed while filling out an empty journal in her bedroom. She felt like certain dreams were on pause, so she diverted her time to pursuing the Lord. Her journal that documented the time consisted of prayers, dreams, sermon notes and Bible verses greatly shaped her faith from that moment forward, having a lasting impact on her life. Her hope is that this journal can do the same for others. 




Loyal, Faithful, Committed, Devoted

  • The goal of this journal is to dive into your faith walk and deepen it. To become steadfast in your faith, worth, and who you are. Our hope is that you’ll realize the faithfulness of the Lord through who He is, and how He shows up. This may be through answered prayers, or it may be through His peace when it seems like it should be far away. Through devotion to following the Lord, He promises “that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28).



Nurtured, Nourished, Steady, Continuous

  • Through steadfast faith, the goal for this journal is to lead to sustainment in all areas of life. To peace in knowing that God is always there to call out to, always hears our prayers, and is always present in our situations. As you fill out each page of the journal, day to day, the nourishment of the word can fill our hearts and align them with His. 



  • Journal cover composed of 100% recycled paper, and partly recycled paper inside as well.
  • Soy-based ink that is safer for the environment to produce, and compostable. 
  • Eco-friendly packaging: Recycled bubble mailers and labels. 
  • Our manufacturers partner with Trees.org to plant trees